Deniz Beck Partners is made up of enthusiastic architects and designers who are passionate about design, heritage and the environment. We believe that the places in which we inhabit, whether to live, work or play, can be beautiful, unique and sustainable.

    DBP collaborate closely with our clients to determine their needs and interpret their ambitions in order to deliver bespoke high-quality designs that will surpass expectations. We understand the importance of good communication and the sharing of ideas to arrive at innovative solutions and produce original and attractive proposals.

    We thrive on challenging and inspiring projects whether they are historical monuments, schools or custom dwellings. We actively seek to work with charities that occupy or utilise historic structures to assist in both the enrichment of their services and preservation of the building.

    DBP services include consultancy, full design and we often collaborate with other architects and professionals for specialist project delivery.

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    Victorian Fortification


    We specialise in the sensitive refurbishment of vulnerable historic buildings and monuments, and we have considerable experience working closely with English Heritage and various conservation professionals. We also have a fully registered RIBA Conservation Architect proficient in managing Government-funded heritage projects or Lottery submissions.


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    Nurturing future generations


    Since 2017, Deniz has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, where she tutors with MArc Architecture Part III students on their case studies.


    Some students go on to gain work experience at Deniz Beck Partners and/or the Sustainable Conservation Trust, working on live community projects and adding invaluable work to their portfolio.




    "Working on live projects with Deniz Beck Partners whilst searching for a full-time job further afield was really enjoyable and fulfilling. It was a great chance to get involved in some community projects and produce work that I was able to showcase in my portfolio. This experience of working on real projects and being able to demonstrate my skills in more than just an educational context was invaluable in building my experience in different sectors and really helped me in landing my current job as an architectural assistant in London. Additionally, one of the projects that I worked on, Sandown Town Hall, was fairly local to me and it was exciting working on a live project for a site/building that I was already familiar with." – Amber Prust

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    Quality of Life


    We believe that a responsibility for design extends to a responsibility for environment. As such, we are committed to achieving the highest standard of sustainable and green design, with our in-house energy assessment service informing all our projects to achieve this goal.


    We adhere to the RIBA Environmental Manifesto


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    Deniz Beck

    Deniz Beck is the founder of Deniz Beck Partners. An accredited conservation architect, she specialises in the sensitive regeneration of historic buildings and monuments, particularly those considered at risk and with complicated issues.


    She is a fully chartered member of RIBA and a trustee of ICOMOS-UK, and works regularly and closely with Historic England, as well as other conservation groups and authorities. In recent years, she has worked across complex and diverse schemes such as The Hotwalls Studios and Spitbank Fort, The Martello Tower, High Street Heritage Action Zones among many others.


    Deniz is serving as the RIBA SE Awards conservation expert jury this year, In 2014, she served as the RIBA South Awards Jury Chair. In 2020, she founded the Sustainable Conservation Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation, regeneration and use of historic structures.


    She is an advocate for re-use and repurposing rather than new build approach with a VAT reverse.

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    Sam Brooks

    Sam holds a Master's degree in Conservation Architecture and retains memberships of ICOMOS and IHBC, complementing over a decade of specialised practical experience working in this field. In this time he has regularly been a senior design team member on projects ranging from small-scale developments to complex masterplanning projects and the conversion and restoration of Scheduled Monuments. His various roles range from devising initial development strategies through to production of detailed drawings and 3D models.


    In recent years he has been increasingly involved in the field of research, with a focus on conservation initiatives and the development of urban cultural heritage, and attending international seminars. Living and working in the Portsmouth area, Sam is a keen photographer and graphic designer whose work has been exhibited locally, and he takes an active interest in local history and culture.


    Projects we've been involved in

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    Martello Tower P, Felixstowe

    One of many Napoleonic-era sea defences on the East Coast, we have been commissioned by East Suffolk Council to devise reuse proposals for the tower and its setting, utilising two hundred years of unique military history and contributing to the wider regeneration of Felixstowe as modern visitor destination. Encouraged to explore bold new approaches that improve public visibility and accessibility to the tower, we envision a radical, yet sympathetic and complementary architectural intervention to the surrounding site. Housing a range of innovative educational and recreational activities, our proposals ultimately seek to highlight Felixstowe's distinctive historical, cultural and social identity.


    3D interactive Map

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    Fraser Range Battery, North Cape House, Portsmouth

    This project is part of the redevelopment of a former military research establishment in Eastney, Portsmouth, and is centred on an isolated building at the eastern-most point of the city's seafront. Located within the boundary of the Scheduled Ancient Monument of Fort Cumberland and metres from the rocky foreshore, our brief is to convert the existing building into a modern family home that takes advantage of the property's spectacular views and historic setting. Our work seeks to breathe new life into a derelict site whilst recording and preserving the unique character that has developed around it, including the impressive collection of street art it has accumulated over the years.


    (3D interactive map recording the sites rich street art collection on its existing buildings which was developed over the last 14 years that the site has been vacant)

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    IOW Zoo 

    Sandown Fort, Isle of Wight

    Wildheart Animal Sanctuary

    Formerly known as the Isle of Wight Zoo, this visitor attraction developed over many years in and around the Victorian Sandown Fort, one of the many Palmerston Forts built to defend Portsmouth's Royal Dockyard. We are now pleased to be assisting the Wildheart Trust in their refocusing of the Zoo's activities towards the rehoming of rescued and threatened animals by developing the many underused spaces of the historic fort. Our proposals combine much needed conservation work to the existing building fabric with the addition of modern architectural features, providing expanded and attractive visitor facilities that will aid the Trust in their ongoing mission.

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    The Hotwall Studios, Portsmouth

    This Council-owned, Grade I listed fortification and Scheduled Ancient Monument at Point Battery in Old Portsmouth was recently converted into thirteen Artist’s Studios and waterfront Café. A much-loved local landmark, it remained mostly empty for the past fifty years until Heritage Lottery Funding allowed us to realise this new creative, cultural and social hub, which also provides sustainable financial support for the ongoing upkeep of the monument.


    Completed as ermc’s project architect for this conservation project.
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    Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth

    One of the four Palmerston sea forts protecting the city, Spitbank Fort is located 1km from the Portsmouth coastline and operated as a museum before becoming a location for private events. Following years of deterioration, it was eventually sold and through our design concepts and construction detailing it was converted into an exclusive boutique hotel and function venue with guest rooms, kitchen and dining facilities and rooftop bar.


    Completed as plc architects project architect for this conservation project.
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    Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth

    Protecting the entrance to Langstone Harbour, the 18th Century Fort Cumberland is widely recognised as the finest example of a fully-bastioned fortress in mainland Britain. Although housing Historic England’s Centre for Archaeology, much of the site remains disused, and plans are currently underway for its regeneration and financial self-sufficiency. Our initial work comprises the conversion of casemates for use by the veterans’ charity Forgotten Veterans.

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    Fort Widley, Portsmouth

    Home to the Peter Ashley Activity Centre’s equestrian facility, Fort Widley is one of the larger forts overlooking Portsmouth from the nearby Portsdown Hill. Our role assisting the charity involves exploring further means of generating revenue through the revitalisation of many of the building’s derelict or underused areas. The initial phase of our work will provide a more efficient reception area with improved social function and disabled accessibilty.

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    Fort Gilkicker, Stokes Bay

    Located on the southern-most tip of the Gosport peninsula with views towards the Isle of Wight, the derelict Fort Gilkicker is scheduled to be converted into 22 stunning three-storey luxury residences. Having already undertaken the associated landscaping design, we are now looking forward to work beginning on the main structure, which requires considerable and complex renovation works due to years of decay and damage.


    We're proud to have been recognised for the projects we've been involved in

    Longlisted The MacEwen Award 2020

    Dec 2019 - Riba Journal - Forgotten Veterans HQ, Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth

    Winner Shaping Portsmouth Award 2018

    Jan 2018 - Shaping Portsmouth - Developers Group, Outstanding contribution to Portsmouth

    Shortlisted RIBA South Awards 2017

    Mar 2017 - RIBA South - The Hotwalls Studios, Portsmouth

    Shortlisted bd 'Architect of the Year Awards'​ Refurbishment category

    Jan 2017 - building design magazine 2017

    Portsmouth Society Re-use award Shortlisted 2015

    Oct 2015 - Portsmouth Society - Sensetive conversion of an existing top flat and roof space into three storey Penthouse overlooking the Solent

    RIBA South Awards Jury Chair 2014

    May 2014 - RIBA South

    Portsmouth Society Conservation Award 2013

    Dec 2013 - Portsmouth Society - Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth

    RIBA South Award 2013 & RIBA South Conservation Award 2013

    Jun 2013 - RIBA South - Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth


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